2 WORDS FOR 2016

2 WORDS FOR 2016

Aim for nothing and you’ll hit it every time. This comment was made to me in my college days and has been a helpful phrase during times of evaluation. How can we avoid a directionless 2016?

VIEWING and ENGAGING! These two words will be a focus for our church family in 2016 as we make disciples who make much of Jesus in all nations.

Beginning in January, we’re going to read a book together called Eternity Changes Everything. We’ll have a few copies available this week ($10) or go ahead and secure your own via an online retailer or local store. We’ll also pass on a reading schedule for personal or group use. This will compliment our Sunday teaching in January through Hebrews 11. Our focus will be to VIEW our lives in light of eternity and live life now in light of what’s to come. 

Lord Jesus, you said it was to your Father’s glory that we bear much fruit. Grant us what we can’t produce: fruitful lives in 2016. Amen.


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