“Just wait until we get to heaven. We will live there in joy forever.” Isn’t that what most Christians consider as their final destination? While heaven will be ridiculously awesome, it is not where we will dwell forever. In his book, Eternity Changes Everything, (you are reading this now, right?... right??) Stephen Witmer reminds us that after death we will live in heaven only temporarily. One day God will fulfill His promise to lift the curse of the earth and restore it to its intended design (Revelation 21).

No one knows how similar it will be to our current understanding of planet Earth, but I expect there to be more similarities than we think. We do know what won’t be there: frustrations, suffering, jealousy and petty pursuits. For when our full senses can finally see the majesty and beauty of God, we will have one response - joyful service.

“Cool to learn this, Pastor, but tell me again: how does this affect my day today?” When you find yourself unsatisfied with the things of this world, remember that you were made for another world. When the feelings of hopelessness and despair consume you, remember that you have unbelievable hope as a Christian. Let’s live today with one eye in front of us and one eye towards our eternity.


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