(Here's part 4 of a series of blogs written by various members as they reflect upon our summer reading, Paul David Tripp's A Quest for More. Check back soon for more blogs from our guest authors this summer.)

I had everything I needed to be a famous singer except for one thing: a good singing voice. And my children remind me of this cruel reality almost every day. Music is omnipresent in our home: either the playing of musical instruments or individual songs from the computer. And when a song with a good beat or catchy lyric is playing, my response is to sing along. But the response from everyone else (including the pets) is to cringe as my vocals sound like a distressed sea turtle. So, maybe, just maybe, I wasn’t designed to be a singer.

You and I were designed for God to enjoy him and to reflect his glory. Listen to these words from Paul Tripp from Quest for More:  “We were not designed to settle for personal survival, temporal happiness, or individual success. We were created to find our meaning, identity, and purpose in the existence, character, and plan of God…We were created for the dignity of living large and meaningful lives – lives that literally are connected to things before the creation of the world and extending far into eternity” (pg. 90).

When I live for temporal happiness or individual success, I am living a small life. But when my daily decisions reflect an eternal decision, then I am living large (and eternal) The large story that you and I were chosen to act in is the epic story of God’s beauty and majesty demonstrated in the undeserved rescue of sinners through Jesus. We all have a role to play in this story.

Consider living according to the eternal designs God has for your life. You wouldn’t be so bummed when temporal things on this earth are not given to you. You wouldn’t be so anxious about the future. And you would be satisfied knowing you lived today on things that are unseen, rather than seen. I think that would be a good way to spend a day.

Grant us the courage to live for your big kingdom instead of our little kingdom,

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