Evan and I have been at Christ Community since August 2015. We have one daughter, Opal, a dog, a cat, 15 fish, and various sea creatures. We met in January of 2011 when I moved into the apartment under Evan's. We joke about how he swept in to help my dad carry my couch into the apartment. Our first time hanging out, he witnessed my intense cheering as Auburn won the National Championship all while the building across from ours was burning. Someone who can look past and accept that was someone I knew I needed to keep around!

The beginning of our relationship included going to church together every Sunday. As soon as we were married in September of 2013, we made plans and joined the church together. We loved our church, but never found the right small group and the types of relationships needed for true community.

Once we decided to move to Helena from 280, we started looking for a new church family. Our desire was to be a part of a church in our community where we would be able to stay involved. We wanted a place where our family would have relationships with people near us. We visited several churches but it wasn't until my brother-in-law found CCC's website and we visited for the first time that we felt like we had found our new home. We tried to visit another church the next week because we had a list (and I like to complete my lists!), but we knew after that Sunday we needed to stop looking. We quickly jumped into the Newcomer's Group and started building relationships.

Now we have our sweet Opal (9 months) and are happy knowing that we have a church family in our community where we can raise our daughter. We are involved, growing, and doing life with all of you. We are so thankful for Christ Community and finding our place as a family!

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