The Why and How of What We Do

(Here's part 3 of a series of blogs written by various members as they reflect upon our summer reading, Paul David Tripp's A Quest for More. Check back soon for more blogs from our guest authors this summer.)

Dear Church Family,

I meet with a group of guys on Friday mornings at Jack’s, and right now we’re helping one another process A Quest for More. What friend or group are you getting time with?

This past Friday we lingered on the practical ways to live out what we’re being challenged by. For instance, Tripp writes, “It is so tempting to be committed to our little kingdom that the transcendent kingdom of God is of little functional influence.” OK.  So how do we work in the other directions towards the transcendent kingdom? Where does the rubber meet the road?

For most of us this doesn’t require a wholesale change in what we’re doing; it’s much more challenging than that! We must bring before the Lord the “why" and “how" of what we’re doing. Am I clear on the “why" of my job? My leisure? My parenting? Asking the question “Why?” is such a fog-clearing exercise. It reveals so much and it takes courage to face. Then there’s the “how.” How am I doing what God’s called me to do and be? 

We’ll find in thinking through these questions that all of us, to some degree, are living for our little kingdom. It’s hard to look in the mirror sometimes, but it’s the beginning of change. 

Lord, would you graciously and powerfully change the direction of our lives, loves and pursuits? Help us to have your honor in mind with how we work. Enable us by your Spirit to parent as unto you. Give us the strength to follow you in the ways you want to change us. May we have the courage to let go of lesser things and see that we’re called to so much more!


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