Dear friends,

Over the next three weeks Christ Community will focus intently on the local and global need for the gospel in our world.  How important it is we renew our followership of Jesus and align our lives with His purposes!

The ingredients of our time will be teaching, church-wide prayer, informative videos and special guests all culminating with our Faith Promise Missions giving pledges and an international lunch.  Exciting weeks to be sure!

PLEASE notice and take advantage of these opportunities.  Our theme will be YOUR NAME AND YOUR RENOWN as it's the glory of God that's our motive and basis.

Lord, lead us during these weeks.  Renew our commitment to deny ourselves and follow you.  Provide for us as we seek to support gospel growth around the world.  Send people from our church into all parts of the world.  It's for Your name and renown we do so.  Amen.

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