Don't ever underestimate the committed love of a mother and father. Amazing stories continue to be shared from Snowmageddon 2014. One of my friends, a mother, traveled 23 hours to get to her children and then 25 hours to return back to their home. Most of her travels were walking through snow and freezing temperatures. What are we prepared to do to gather our lost sheep? In John 10 Jesus tells us that he is prepared to lay down his life for his sheep. And then he says these words: "And I have other sheep that are not of this fold; I must bring them also." His mission involved seeking and saving those who were not safe.  As believers, we know that there are billions throughout the world that are worthy to be sought and gathered for the name of Christ. February 9th begins our three-week emphasis on making disciples FOR ALL NATIONS. Our motivation to engage in prayer and financial giving is found in Isaiah 26:8: "Your name and renown are the desire of our hearts." Let's ask God to grant us a lifetime "seek and recover" mindset as it applies to our lost neighbor and the unreached throughout the world.

For His name and renown,

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