[The following blog entry is an update from our CCC-supported missionaries to Southeast Asia.]

We are encouraged to see the Lord’s hand at work in our midst, both Stateside and at home in Asia.

We are currently in the US for a 3 month HMA and head back to Asia on February 1 st . It has been great being with family over the holidays and visiting with some supporters. Blair’s grandmother went to be with the Lord a few weeks ago and we are grateful we were in the country to grieve this loss with our family. Micah had the honor of leading the funeral and preaching the gospel to many family members who do not know Christ. We are praying that God will continue to comfort the family and bring these lost family members to life in Jesus.

Back in Asia the gospel is going out. Jared, grew up in the church, however now as a young adult it appears that church is more of a chore when he comes. When I spent time with him he seemed to be antagonistic to various aspects of the Christian faith. As I preached, Jared sat with his arms crossed and he was either asleep or looked angry. Recently Pastor Wong shared with me that Jared has submitted his life to Christ. One evening attending one of the church’s small groups it was as if the lights came on and the gospel took root in his heart. I am eagerly looking forward to returning and celebrating with this new brother his new life in Christ. Rejoice with me, our church, and the angels in heaven!

Please pray for our family as we return to Asia. Shortly after returning will be moving to another part of the city to be closer to the church. I also will be preaching back to back Sundays upon our return so pray for an extra measure of strength as I manage the move and ministry responsibilities.

Thank you for your faithful support!,


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